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  • MissVampy13

    Thoughts On Season Three

    December 18, 2016 by MissVampy13

    Since the season ended on November 1, I wanted to post some thoughts on it. Even though I've missed some of the episodes in this season, I've enjoyed the episodes I watched as the mythology was well thought, the actors were amazing and the special effects were outstanding. It was nice to see Wilmer Valderrama play a protagonist role and Madison Davenport playing a dual role of Kate and Amaru.

    What were your thoughts on season three? Do you have anything you want to write about it?

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  • TotallyTinkerbell


    I thought i'd create a list of things that came to mind when bingeing the show. These can be comments on realism, chronology,other inconsistencies (and possible retconning) but also just general things I like or dislike.

    Episode 1x02 : 

    • Sad to see Kate introduced in the second episode. From what I know about her importance to the series,she should've been in the pilot.
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  • MissVampy13

    My wish list for the third season is that they have Salma Hayek or Juliette Lewis become a special guest, bring in Matt Cedeno, Danny Pino or Michael Trevino be recurring guests and Kate kick some major ass for what happened to her in the second season.

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  • MissVampy13

    I predict there will be another series regular death, someone is going to become a vampire and there will be a shocking twist.

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