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Big Emilio is a vampire and was killed by Sex Machine.


Nothing is known about his history.

Throughout From Dusk Till DawnEdit

In From Dusk Till Dawn, he laid a hand on Seth when he refused to leave and he later took it off when Razor Charlie let them stay at the bar. He is later shot by the brothers when they try to go after them and he gets shot.

After the bloodbath starts, he rises up with the others who got shot and shows his vampire face. He kills others and when he sees Seth kill Santanico, he goes after him and he ends up having his heart extracted by Frost. When he is shown to still be living and his heart is still beating, Sex Machine comes up and puts a pencil through it, killing Big Emilio.


Big Emilio is what his name suggests. He is a rather large vampire with black hair that's up in a ponytail and has dark eyes when he is in human form. But his eyes turn a lightish white-green color when he shows his vampire face.


Big Emilio is loyal to Santánico Pandemonium and when she was killed, he went after Seth. He is shown to be a capable fighter and was still persistent to fight even when his heart was extracted.





  • Emilio


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