Benny's World of Liquor is a store in Texas and had served as a shootout between the Gecko Brothers, Earl McGraw and Pete Bottoms.

Throughout From Dusk Till DawnEdit

Earl walks into the store and talks to Pete for a few minutes. He asks him if he's seen two brothers and Pete tells him hasn't, Earl then walks into the bathroom. The Gecko brothers walk out of where they are hiding and start pointing their guns at Pete while holding two female hostages. Seth tells Pete to keep his cool around the Ranger and they then go in the back again and Ranger comes back out. He asks Pete again if he's sure he hasn't seen any brothers and Pete says he hasn't, and Earl then gets shot.

A shootout then starts between the brothers and Pete, with various supplies being broken and destroyed during the crossfire. Pete is then killed when the brothers set a fire. The brothers then walk out of the store and while heading towards their car, the store makes an explosion and flames come out.

The store is later seen on TV and the news cover the fire, explosion and the victims.





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