Avalino Torrez was a character who first appeared in the fifth episode of the first season. He was a CBP officer and his soul was drained by Carlos, with the latter taking his appearance for a short while.


Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Avalino had short, black hair and brown eyes. He wore the standard CBP uniform.




  • Avalino is a Spanish name of Latin origin. It could be derived by the Italian city Avella or Abella in the Avellino province. An alternate name is Avelino.[1]
  • Torrez is a surname in the Portuguese and Spanish regions, and means "towers". Besides the "Z" at the end, the name can be spelled like "Torres".[2]



  • He is the second human to have his soul drained in the series, after Kyle Winthrop.


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