It's over Santanico, there can only be one true queen in this realm and that's me.
— Amaru to Santanico in La Reina

Amaru is the Queen of Xibalba and is currently possessing Kate Fuller's body. She is bent on destroying humans, Culebras, opening a Gateway to Hell, and resurrect her original body so she may possess her true strength again.


Amaru ruled Xibalba where the Nine Lords originated from, When the lords left Xibalba and went to Earth, Amaru followed and tried to hunt them down but Amaru was lead into a trap and killed by the Nine Lords they then consumed her body. Because her blood was powerful, it was given to Celestino Oculto who then used it to create Santa Sangre.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Amaru is currently possessing Kate Fuller's body, although her hair is dark auburn in color, whereas Kate's is brown. Like Kate she is small in stature and has blue/green eyes and pale skin.

She wears an amulet that she stole from Richie and Seth Gecko. The amulet was a light blue until she put it on and then turned black.


Not much is known of Amaru's personality yet, although her goal is to destroy humans and culebras and open a Gateway to Hell. Amaru is said to be ruthless.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Amaru is an ancient Demon Goddess that embodies extraordinary abilities. Most of Amaru's abilities appear to be usable though touch. As Amaru grows in strength by extracting souls dry, she has utilized her abilities without the need to touch her targets. Her blood is so powerful that it was able to resurrect Kate soon after being shot. After Amaru restores her original body, her powers increased exponentially. It has been revealed that Amaru's original appearance is the key to open the doors to Hell.

  • Immortality- Amaru has shown the ability to retain consciousness without the need of a physical body. She has also lived for over 4,000 years.
  • Soul Extraction- Through physical contact, Amaru is able to "taste" and individuals' soul. While she is actively using this power, the victim's body enters a desiccated state, her and the victim's eyes turn red. Amaru claims that she owns the souls of their victims. Amaru also regenerates soon after extracting her victims souls.
    • Accelerated Healing- Amaru is able to accelerate healing factor by extracting her targets souls.
  • Possession- As evidence with Kate, Amaru and Brasa are the only individuals so far with the capacity to inhabit another person's body. As Amaru grows stronger, she has displayed enough power to control people from long distances.
    • Consciousness Suppression- While possessing Kate, Amaru struggled to keep Kate's soul under control. After Kate successfully climbed her way to the surface, Amaru finally suppressed Kate completely.
  • Clairvoyance- Amaru is able to obtain information about people by touching them. She has been seen revealing the information she receives with great detail, when she managed to hold a police officers hands and read his soul.
    • Remote Viewing- Amaru was able to see Itzpa's death from far away.
  • Mind Control- She is able to hypnotize an individual remotely. Amaru managed to persuade a cop into holding her hands, when she finally touched him, she was able to control his actions to a much greater extent. This power also manifests Amaru and her victims eyes into red. After restoring her original body and opening the gate to hell, Amaru's mind control was so powerful that her power extended miles away. She was even capable of controlling a hospital full of people and force them to kill the rest of the individuals in the hospital. Her mind control would have extended all over the world if she had not been stopped.
    • Mind Control Immunity- Amaru has shown to be immune to mind control.
    • Telepathy- She is able to speak through the mind remotely to her mind controlled victims.
    • Illusion Casting- Amaru created illusions on Richie's mind while he was subdued by her vines.
      • Telepathic Sight- Amaru was able to see through Olmeca's eyes.
  • Shadow-Self Awakening- Amaru as the ability to awaken the darkest parts of a person.
  • Enhanced Strength- Her physical prowess has been shown when she was seen fighting Scott, a Culebra with super strength.
    • Physical Endurance- In her real body, Amaru's endurance is so high that not even Santanico was capable of defeating her.
  • Geokinesis- Amaru has displayed the ability to affect the earth, cause minor earthquakes, and manipulate structures made of earth.
  • Resurrection- When Amaru's blood entered Kate's body, she was able to resurrect Kate, as seen when she began to fight Amaru's possession; even after Kate had died of a shot wound.
  • Shapeshifting- In her real body, Amaru has he ability to change her appearance into a monster with green skin, and her hair transforms into tentacles.
  • Telekinesis- Amaru was seen levitating Scott in the air with little effort.
  • Sun Replication- Despite the eclipse, and being inside of a cave where the sun cannot enter; Amaru was able to create sunlight in order to burn Scott all the while she pinned him in the air.
    • Pyrokinesis- Despite still in Kate's body, Amaru was able to accelerate the intensity of the Flames while she was being exorcised.
  • Power Bestowal- By her own testimony, she stated that she gave Culebras their special gifts.
    • Power Negation- During her fight with Santanico, Amaru disabled Santanico's special ability, preventing her from spreading her wings.
  • Weapon Creation- Amaru has displayed the ability to conjure Xibalban blades from her hands and use them effectively in battle.


  • Martial Arts- Amaru seems to be very skilled in hand to hand combat. She has been able to defeat Brasa, and stand equally against Scott.
  • Occult Knowledge- Amaru's knowledgeble was extensive enough to know exactly how to restore her original body.


Former WeaknessesEdit

  • Mortality- Amaru is currently possessing Kate Fuller, hence Amaru is not impervious to harm.

Current WeaknessesEdit

  • Interruption- If Amaru is interrupted while she is extracting a person's soul, the process will be undone.
  • Kate Fuller- While Amaru was under the possession of Kate, her blood was so powerful that it made Kate a part of the Queen; therefore Kate was her only weakness after Amaru restored her original body.




  • Amaru is from Quechua origin and means "sacred serpent".


  • After being left for dead at the bloodwell, Kate Fuller’s body has been taken over by Amaru, the Queen of Xibalba, who is bent on destroying humans and culebras and opening a Gateway to Hell. To do that, she’ll use a menagerie of Xibalban monsters who will confront our heroes at every turn.[1]
  • Amaru stated that she gave Culebras their special gift in Fanglorious.
  • Amaru plans to resurrect her own body.
  • Amaru wants to bring Hell to Earth making it a new realm.


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