Déjala. I was going to give her my venom, I've been waiting hours for this.
Malvado to Richie Gecko about Kate

The relationship between culebra Amancio Malvado and humanKate Fuller.

Malvado and Kate officially meet in The Last Temptation of Richard Gecko. When Carlos. Kate and Scott arrive to claim the Key to the Santa Sangre, Malvado notices her and is willing to make a trade for her for the Key.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season TwoEdit

Kate arrives at Jacknife Jed's with Carlos and Scott where she officially meet with Malvado, Kate stays quiet as she listens to Malvado and Carlos' discussion until Malvado notices her and walks to toward her, gently grabbing her hair and smelling it making her feel uncomfortable. He tells Carlos deals can be sweetened and offers an exchange, Kate for the Key to the Santa Sangre. Kate agrees knowing that for in order for his plan to work, Malvado needs her alive. Once Scott and Carlos leave, Malvado tries to intimidate Kate but she shakes it off, Malvado then has Alice knock her out via choke hold.

Kate is brought out so she can show where the well is and cuts her palm so she and Richie can share a blood bond. Afterwards, he grabs her face and says he's been waiting hours to give her his venom. Richie then offers to do it instead, saying he's been waiting longer and they leave.


The Last Temptation of Richard Gecko

Malvado: "It is customary for tribute of flesh to tremble before the Lord"

Kate: "I'm not scared of you"



  • Malvado wanted to turn Kate.
  • Kate first saw Malvado when she witnessed him killing his brother.
  • Malvado agreed to exchange the key in return for Kate.

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