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Aiden Tanner was a character who first appeared in the third episode of the first season and a main character. He was a professor of a university and has recently become a culebra. He is currently trapped in Xibalba after being pushed in the portal.


Not much is known about Aiden, except he became a professor sometime before the start of the series and that he has had charges filed against him for sexual crimes against women and underage girls.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

In Mistress,

In Place of Dead Roads,

In Pandemonium,

In La Conquista,

In Boxman,

In The Take, it is revealed that he was working for Carlos and tries to sacrifice Kate to feed the vampires in the temple. Fortunately, Freddie arrives just in time and stabs him, saving Kate in the process.

In In a Dark Time, he attacks Carlos and Scott pins him to the wall. They tell them they need him and he reveals how he survived being stabbed by Freddie, an unknown vampire found him and subsequently turned him into a vampire. They are about to bring him to Amancio, but Narciso and some others show up and Narciso tells them he wants to bring Aiden to Amancio. Scott tells him no as he was Carlos' mission, but Carlos backs down and gives Aiden to Narciso. Aiden is in awe as he's looking at the bonds and reveals that it is a map. He tells them about the Savini Codex and the way to solve the puzzle is to get the Codex. Amancio appoints him to get the Codex and before he walks out of the entrance, Narciso tells him that the sun is out and Aiden grabs an umbrella. He walks out and starts saying that all you need is umbrella to walk out, but he begins to burn and starts running for the Fullers' Winnebago.

In Attack of the 50 Ft. Sex Machine,

In Bizarre Tales, he is shown having sex with an unnamed woman inside of the Fullers' former winnebago. Afterwards, he turns her into a vampire. Hours later, he is assaulted by Narciso who berates him for having sex rather than deciphering the map. Aiden defends his actions and reveals that as a child he lost his penis in a smelting accident and becoming a vampire caused it to grow back. Aiden tells Narciso that he cannot solve the puzzle unless he has the four missing bonds. Narciso then kills Aiden's newly sired lover and tells him to stay focused on solving the map.

In The Last Temptation of Richard Gecko, he, Carlos, Scott, Maia, Kate and Tucker are seen in a land that is all sand, dust and rocks. He's trying to get the camera lens to work and he goes inside the winnebago to see if Scott has a Wi-Fi connection. He thanks Kate for giving them the remaining four bonds and he gets a connection to see carvings. They go outside and there is a drifter gagged and held down by Tucker and Maia. Aiden hands Kate a knife so she can sacrifice the drifter since innocent blood must shed innocent blood. He tells her she is the innocent and he is the chosen, and the chosen has to recite words as she kills the drifter. After the drifter is killed, Aiden, Scott and Carlos look up to see stars and Aiden gets the lineup of stars. He then marks the spot where the blood is on the map. He is then later seen driving the winnebago behind the others to Jacknife Jed's.

In There Will Be Blood, he backs up Celestino's oil tanker near the rig where the Santa Sangre is and starts hooking it up. After sometime, the hose is leaking a little bit and Aiden tries to keep Carlos from doing anything as it will mess it up. Aiden has second thoughts as Malvado would know about the blood and afterwards, Aiden reveals he turned two truck stop girls and they proceed to have sex in the winnebago. When Kate comes to tell Scott about Richie, the others gather around and Richie starts shooting at them. He manages to kill Aiden's two girls, but is stopped by Maia. When Carlos questions Richie, Aiden says he's just there as a neutral. He also witnesses Carlos shooting Kate twice.

In Santa Sangre,

In Protect and Serve, he is teaching as archaeology professor at a college and has been turning certain students into culebras. He comes into contact with the Geckos and Freddie Gonzalez when a Xibalban, El Caporal, kills many of his students.

In Shady Glen,

In Straitjacket,

In La Llorona,

In Rio Sangre,

In Matanzas,

In Dark Side of the Sun,

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has short, blond hair with hazel eyes. In season two, his hair has grown to medium length since his human death.


On the exterior, it seems that Aiden is normal and is very intelligent, but on the interior, he is very devoted to the blood cult and wanted to appease them by sacrificing Kate. He is often obsessive about his studies, resulting in his extremist undertakings to further advance his knowledge of the topic at hand. His one distraction from his work, however, is that of the opposite sex, this being proven by his interest in Ranger Gonzalez's wife, as well as a large cast of unnamed women he has dragged into bed. It is possible that he has a slight lust for Kate, explaining why he insists on calling her by the pet name Katie Cakes, also referencing to his comment to her before attempting to sacrifice her, "who wouldn't want all that filling?". He was also found flirting with Kate at the Titty Twister, trying to impress her with his "weaponry", much to Seth and her father's dismay. Tanner can be adventurous and daring in many scenes, and often wants to get to the bottom of things, despite the safety hazards that await below. In There Will Be Blood, Aiden begins to feel resentment towards Carlos after being treated like a third wheel, but doesn't seem to do much about it other than make a few comments, of which Carlos brushes off with relative ease.




  • Jake Busey and Gary Busey have both starred in the show, but as different characters, and are not related in the show universe.

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